Dennis Walker


Producer/Song Writer Dennis Walker began his musical career playing bass with Phillip Walker in 1971. He went on to play and record with many of the greatest bluesmen of our time. Artists like Percy Mayfield, Lowell Fulson, Otish Rush and Buddy Guy, just to name a few.

Dennis wrote and produced Roberts Cray’s hits: “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Right Next Door”. Since then, he has produced 76 records for artists such as BB King, Bettye Lavette, Frankie Lee, Maria Muldaur and Phillip Fankhauser. Over 250 of his songs have been recorded.

He has won three Grammys:
“Strong Persuader”-Robert Cray
“Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”-Robert Cray
“Blues Summit’-B.B. King
He has won 6 Handy Awards . Many of his songs such as “Right Next Door,” “Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark,” “Salt In My Wounds,” “Bouncin’ Back,” “Playing With My Friends,” “The Forecast” and “Too little Too Late” are considered blues classics.

Source: accessed 28th June 2013

Producer, songwriter, bassist extraordinaire, Dennis Walker is a multi-Grammy award winning producer who has been at the helm for some of the most legendary artists.

He is a celebrated songwriter as well, and has won several Handy Awards for songs written for Robert Cray. With a gift for bringing out the best in artists and helping them to lay down memorable music, Dennis has produced albums including genres such as blues, soul, rock and folk.

Dennis Walker has won 3 Grammy Awards for his work. One was with B.B. King for Blues Summit and the other two were with Robert Cray for the memorable Strong Persuader and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark albums.

He’s written over 200 songs, among them Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, False Accusations, Foul Play, I Guess I Showed Her, Midnight Stroll, Phone Booth, Playin’ With My Friends, Right Next Door (Because of Me).

Source: accessed 28th June 2013