Patricia Morrison


Patricia Morrison (born January 14, 1962) is an American bass guitarist, singer and songwriter. She worked with Bags, The Gun Club, The Sisters of Mercy, and The Damned.

She became a fixture of the Los Angeles, California punk rock scene in her mid-teens, and was a founding member of The Bags in 1976. She left that band and began Legal Weapon in 1981, releasing an EP called No Sorrow.

She was invited to join The Gun Club in 1982. Morrison quit that group after her second tour with them, and formed another band called Fur Bible. They performed as the opening act for Siouxsie and the Banshees, and it was during this time Morrison was contacted by Andrew Eldritch, asking her to join The Sisters of Mercy. She performed on the 1986 album Gift (released under the group name The Sisterhood) and on The Sisters of Mercy's 1987 album Floodland.

According to Jennifer Park:

“ the choice of Patricia Morrison as bassist -- beginning with her work on Floodland (1987) -- was not a decision made without weighing its aesthetic value. Music videos and promotional photographs showcased the perfect goth pin-up girl with her high arched eyebrows, black eyeliner, blood-red lips, teased-out hair, long black nails, and fetish-meets-renaissance wardrobe. ”

The Sisters of Mercy song "Lucretia My Reflection" was written by Eldritch about Morrison. The lyrics compare her to the historical figure of Lucrezia Borgia. She left the band in the early '90s, claiming money that was owed by Eldritch was not paid.

In 1994, Morrison released a solo album, Reflect on This.

In 1996, she was invited to join The Damned after bassist Paul Gray was injured by a fan in concert. That same year Morrison married the Damned's lead singer Dave Vanian. After giving birth to Emily Vanian in 2004, Morrison retired from the Damned

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