Stephanie Ashworth

Stephanie Ashworth (born 1974, Melbourne, Australia) is the bass guitarist for Australian band Something for Kate and, as of May 2013, is married to the band's frontman Paul Dempsey.

Ashworth joined Something for Kate "sometime in 1997 or 1998, I can't remember" to replace Toby Ralph (who replaced Julian Carroll). Ashworth previously played in the bands Sandpit and Scared of Horses. She married bandmate/frontman Paul Dempsey.[3] She was offered the place in Courtney Love's Hole but declined.

Ashworth has contributed artwork and photography to the releases of Something for Kate, and photos of New York City, United States (US) were used for the 2012 album Leave Your Soul to Science.

Since January 2008, Ashworth has written a monthly column for Jmag, the magazine of Australian radio station Triple J

Following the release of Dempsey's solo album Everything Is True, he and Ashworth relocated to New York City, US in 2010. As of May 2013, Ashworth and Dempsey are parents to a son named Miller.

In response to a question regarding religion in late 2012, Ashworth spoke on behalf of herself and her Something For Kate bandmates: "It's a bit complex but we're not going to say straight out we're all atheists, but we're definitely questioning a lot of things to do with religion."

Source: accessed 30th May 2013